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Welcome to JJ Japanese Thai... restaurant in the heart of Streetsville, Mississauga. When you visit JJ Japanese Thai..., you'll be a part of a fantastic dining experience filled with the most popular food items from the heart of the orient.

Our chefs have years of experience in preparing Japanese and Thai food so you’ll get the best quality from both cuisines. In addition the décor of JJ Japanese Thai... also gives you an experience of upscale fine dining. We understand that event planning takes major work and we want to help you take care of one of the most important things in any event, the food.

You can worry about mingling with guests, making sure the sound system works, while we take care of serving your guests with the finest cuisine in the area. At JJ Japanese Thai... our food is always made to perfection.

All You Can Taste Menu


Friday to Sunday - $29.99


Saturday to Sunday - $19.99

Satisfy All Your Urges Without Compromise


The increase in popularity of Japanese and Thai cuisine in Ontario has made JJ Japanese and Thai a popular restaurant in the Mississauga area. JJ Japanese and Thai fuses Japanese and Thai cuisines together into one amazing dining experience for you to enjoy. We also proudly present our NEW Tapas menu with brand new types of appetizers, salad, soup and entrees which would give you a whole new dinning experience. Check out our new menus and we will be looking forward to serve you.

Why JJ Japanese and Thai is the hotspot for all occasions


Everyone who goes out for a great dining experience has the problem of deciding what to eat. You choose the right food item you win, you choose wrong food item you lose. At JJ Japanese Thai we provide a win-win solution for your food choosing dilemma. Introducing our new Tapas menu, you can get what you like and taste more varieties meanwhile still sharing your favorites among your friends and families.