• The Ultimate Dining Experience
  • The Ultimate Dining Experience

Satisfy All Your Urges Without Compromise

The increase in popularity of Japanese and Thai cuisine in Ontario has made JJ Japanese and Thai a popular restaurant in the Mississauga area. JJ Japanese and Thai fuses Japanese and Thai cuisines together into one amazing dining experience for you to enjoy. Enjoy the food from both countries with either our A la carte menu or from our signature ‘All-You-Can-Taste’ menu. JJ Japanese and Thai ‘All-You-Can-Taste’ menu gives you a royalty treatment in dining. Order as much as you want and we will serve it to you right at your table. No need to get up and get your food, like at other ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ restaurants. So just sit back and relax and let our food help you explore the best of what Japanese and Thai cuisine has to offer.

Why JJ Japanese and Thai is the hotspot for Oriental food

Everyone who goes out for a great dining experience has the problem of deciding what to eat. You choose the right food item you win, you choose wrong food item you lose. At JJ Japanese and Thai we provide a win-win solution for your food choosing dilemma because when you choose our ‘All-You-Can-Taste’ option you can try as many food items as your appetite allows for one fee. Enjoyed the type of sushi you ordered but wanted to try the other one you were curious about? No problem. Loved the California roll but wanted to try some foods from the wok? No problem. At JJ Japanese and Thai choice is not an issue, it’s how much authentic cuisine goodness your stomach can handle!

Our Menus gives you a variety of flavours for you to enjoy

You can come join us for our signature ‘All-You-Can-Taste’ buffet specials or order the food A la carte. Whatever you decide we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the best in Japanese and Thai cuisine. Enjoy traditional Japanese food such as Sushi and Maki, or dive into traditional Thai food such as our signature Pad Thai noodles. Want to enjoy our food items but don't have time to sit down? Our takeout menu is your solution. In addition we also offer catering for events. Running a corporate banquet or wedding? We got all the fixin’s so you can worry about impressing your boss or making your client have a wedding to remember, while we worry about serving your guests delicious and gratifying food from the heart of the orient.

Witness Our Dining Experience through this Teaser

JJ Japanese and Thai is an excellent place to eat with great tasting Japanese and Thai cuisine. JJ Japanese and Thai is nicely decorated with beautiful table linens, wall decorations and pillows. Our wait staff are kind, attentive and friendly. Many of our guests are astonished at how quick and efficient our wait staff is when serving them their drinks and food for the night.

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